Greenville Deja Vu - лучший аби котенок на всемирной выставке в США
GC Greenville Dolce Vita на ринге CFA
GC Hillstblues Falkor of Greenville, 4mo
Hillstblues Falkor of Greenville на ринге TICA
GC Greenville Dolce Vita на ринге CFA

CFA Show season 2011-2012

CFA show season 2011-12 ended on April 30th, 2012.

We are very proud to announce that

in CFA International Division/Europe!!!

They both are in European top 20 and are Division Winner (DW)!!!
Also Quiana is 4th best cat in Russia, and Zakka - BEST kitten in Russia allbreed!!!

GC DW Greenville Quiana

Worth to mention that GC Greenville Bimmer is 3rd best aby in Championship in ID/Europe!!!

All three are in CFA aby top 10:

  • Quiana is 6th best aby in Championship
  • Bimmer - 8th best aby in Championship
  • Zakka - 6th best aby kitten.