GC Hillstblues Falkor of Greenville на ринге CFA
BlueCourage Winsome Millimanny на судействе FIFe
Falkor - лучший котенок
GC Greenville Dolce Vita на ринге CFA
Paprika aus Abusir - Best Opp Sex


We're breeding abyssinians and burmese cats for health and beauty.
Our cattery name Greenville is registered with CFA, TICA and FIFe.
We are located in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone:
+7 812 559 25 41
+7 921 9 301 301
or by e-mail cats@greenville-cats.ru, vasil.butorin@gmail.com

Kira & Vasil Butorin